Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All The Women Independent...Throw Your Hands Up At Me!

I keep telling A that he’s incredibly lucky that I’m an independent girl who can take care of herself and find a solution to her own problems. The response to this usually is, “I know. That’s why I like you”. Which is when I want to dump an entire plate of food in his hair!

This question isn’t an “I know” type of answer eliciting question. It’s a “Yes, I’m incredibly lucky. Thank you so much. You’re doing me a huge favour”, type of answer question.

My life is plagued with a constant stream of problems (I’m sure everyone thinks the same way about themselves, so I’m not hallucinating here). But I find solutions on my own rather than speed-dialing my dad or A to come rescue poor me!

Heck, I don’t even have them on speed dial!

Anyway, the latest problem plaguing my life is that my new office is situated in a very “down-market” area of Calcutta. It’s a very commercial area but also home to mainly SEC C, D, E kind of people. The stretch outside my office gets deserted even at 6 in the evening, trying to get a cab is a nightmare and there is no dearth of eve-teasers and harassers in the area. (You see where my recent rage against men who harass women is coming from!)

I rely on cabs for my commute to & from work, but since no cabs are willing to take poor little me home, I had to find a solution…a solution that would make my daily journey from work to home peaceful & uneventful. (It’s in times like these when I miss Bombay the most.)

So, I called one of the cab services in the city – Kolkata Cab (for anyone who might be interested, their number is 033-44222222). Turns out they have an everyday pick up & drop facility which you can book for 7 days at a time and pay for on a daily basis, just like you would pay a cab. They charge Rs 15 per km & Rs 1.80 per minute as waiting charge. Not a bad deal at all, I say. I promise to do a plug-in post for them if they do show up everyday!

Anyway, it was a solution I found completely on my own. A was informed that he need not worry for my safety, I had the situation under control (or so I hope). And I didn’t even speed-dial him to buy me a car!!

Note to self : Must enroll in driving classes soon.


Mumbai Diva said...

good girl :)

Moonshine said...

buy a car and get a driver

Ay-ira said...

Well done. I'm a single woman and have lived and travelled extensively in about a dozen cities worldwide. My favourite is London (I suppose NY comes close but I'm prejudiced towards London!)Possibly my least favourite city in this respect is my birthplace Delhi!

Took my first ever driving lessons in Delhi recently. I figured if you can learn to drive there you can drive anywhere on earth....Think I've picked up basic driving but I don't expect to pass any driving tests anywhere- the instructors only taught me how to break the rules whenever possible and be Really Aggressive!

Am in Mumbai for a bit now and thanks for your views on Bandra- you are right its a cool place :p