Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pet Peeves

  1. My clothes have to be folded neatly. There is a way to fold shirts/t-shirts, trousers, salwars, shorts, towels, bed sheets etc. and they MUST be folded accordingly. For instance, trousers have folds running down the side. You are supposed to hold the trousers up by their bottoms so the folds overlap, fold them into half first & then into another half. Towels, bed sheets & bed covers must be folded so that their edges overlap. T-shirts/shirts must be held by their shoulders so they fall straight, without a crease, and then folded vertically into half, the arms tucked in, and then folded horizontally. I can't stand clothes folded haphazardly, and it's not even funny how most people - especially maids - don't know the correct way to fold clothes.
  2. My clothes have to be separated in piles. There are separate piles in my cupboard for t-shirts for casual wear, formal work shirts, trousers & jeans, skirts, shorts, nightwear, underwear, socks, salwars etc. I hate it when my maid mixes them up. Inspite of having explained the arrangement to her clearly.
  3. My bathroom HAS to be dry. I have one of those mops with a stick in my bathroom. After a shower, I get the water out using the mop and expect anyone who wets my bathroom to do the same. I hate wet bathrooms because when I sit down to pee, my jeans/ tracks/ trousers/ shorts get wet. Hmpfff.
  4. I always have to wash my face, using face wash, before leaving home. Even if I had washed it ten minutes ago. The area around my nose tends to get oily & I hate leaving home looking like a shiny mirror!
  5. I can't leave home with the taste of food in my mouth either. It's bizarre but if I'm planning to go out after breakfast/lunch, I need to brush my teeth before going out. I can never leave for work with the taste of food in my mouth, especially if I had milk or eggs for breakfast. Or even tea. Ugh.
  6. I cannot tolerate dust on my palms or feet. I am restless till I wash them clean.
  7. An absolute level of hygiene has to be maintained in my house. I completely blow off my head if my maid does something I deem even the least bit unhygienic, even if she puts a tomato on the floor for a few seconds. Never mind that the tomato will be washed & cooked before it goes in my mouth and the floor was swept & mopped clean.
  8. I cannot stand a dripping tap. I must go & shut it off immediately.

I tag Moonshine, Mumbai Diva, The Knife (after he's back from his unending dream Swizz holiday!) and anyone else who wants to pick it up (just leave me a note so I can visit your blog).


This post contains my pet peeves as well as some quirks. Whoever does this tag, feel free to combine both!


Saltwater Blues said...

Isn't this what they refer to as Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder?

Scarlett said...

Maybe. They are also called 'quirks' :)