Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Post Inspite of a Throbbing Headache

Tomorrow is my last day at my current organization. I'm feeling bad about leaving but strangely, I never feel bad about the people I leaving behind. Maybe b/c in my subconscious I know that I'll stay in touch with people that I like...and with people I'm not close to/don't quite like, it really doesn't matter whether we stay in touch.

On the contrary, I feel sad about the things I would be leaving cubicle, my work laptop that I would need to give away (good ol''s slightly bulky but I like that had a data card, so I could access the net even from my bedroom), my office space, the commute to work etc. It's strange but it's always been like that with me...I get more attached to places & things than to people.

Weird, huh?


Chinese take-away rocks! Or pizza & Coke...though that was more college grub (I've had countless pizza & Coke nights in college!).

I can't ever get enough of Chinese food. I turn to it when I'm happy, depressed, generally feeling low, or there's an occasion, or when I generally feel like eating out. Chinese is the numero uno choice. I shall order in Chinese today since I'm feeling a little 'bleh' about the leaving work thing.


More power to Vishal Dadlani (of the Bollywood music composer Vishal-Shekhar duo). The man had spoken up once earlier after the Mumbai terror attacks, and he's done so again - this time about the Rs 350 cr. statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji to be built in the sea, off Marine Drive.

Gaaaah...I can't tell you how badly things such as these get my goat (is that the phrase?). While a majority of our population is poor, illiterate, diseased, starved & drought-hit, politicians can only think about building statues (of others if not of themselves) as the best use of tax-payers' money. Since it IS the tax payer's money, I want to know whether the tax payers of Mumbai sanctioned the statue. Did they?

As Vishal mentions, there could be numerous other more appropriate for the money. Use it to feed the poor, give it to the farmers who are committing suicide due to the drought, build schools & hospitals in rural areas, provide treatment to the poor free of cost or at subsidized rates, improve the roads of our country....Do it all in Shivaji's name but do it for Chrissake! Rather than building a Rs 350 cr. statue that will lie decrepit anyway due to state negligence & become another crapping ground for them despicable pigeons.

Go sign the petition against building of the statue, whether you're a Mumbaikar or not.


Lisa Ray has been diagnozed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare cancer of the bone marrow. Now, she's no Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan...I don't know her personally either...but my heart went out to her. It's probably the first time I'm feeling bad for a celebrity, and I mean genuinely feeling bad. She's a pretty good actress I think, never mind the one or two Hindi movies that she's acted in (which was the one with Aftab Shivdasani...the thriller where she played a lawyer)? It seems she's being very brave about it and hasn't let this horrible piece of news devastate her.

Now, I don't know whether there IS a God who will get her out of it (I've had "God issues" for quite some time now). I believe it's up to us to be strong in trying times like this. I'm not sure whether her cancer is curable...I'm reading contradictory reports in the media...but I do hope she has a complete remission and stays strong through all of it. You can leave her your wishes/prayers here.


Moonshine said...

Tom is your last day at work????????????? How time flies!!! Good for you.. though i get very attached to people...quite a problem!!!

But yeah you are right.. you end up being in touch with the people you like.. more than others maybe... if i look at old team... i am in touch with 2 very regularly!!!!!!!

Mumbai Diva said...

i know.... the attachment to the laptop is a strange things. So many months and days of one's hardwork, thoughts, ideas all in one machine.

I've managed to keep in touch with a few people from my previous organizations. Some in fact have become better friends inspite of not having common gossip and bitching :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - You end up staying in touch with people who were on the same wavelength as you.

@Mumbai Diva - I too have became better friends with a couple of people after they/I left my previous organization. Strange, isn't it?

The knife said...

Congrats to new beginnings

I went for an office lunch today. 2 out of the 4 with me were from my old office who now work with me. So hey you never know

Lisa Ray's blog is quite humbling... hope she makes it

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - I think she's attained near complete remission, as per her blog.

You're right...MR is a scarily small world, smaller than even advertising!!