Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Luxury Travel No More?

If Shashi Tharoor thought traveling Economy on airplanes was "cattle class" travel, wonder what he would think about this??!!!

Design Q, a British design firm, has come up with this new seating design for aircrafts that could help airlines cut costs by increasing the number of passengers on board by upto 50%!

As small consolation, thankfully, for now they're proposing this seating arrangement only for flights of one hour duration or less. The magnanimous people that they are, they're also giving us a choice : if you want to sit facing forward - in the conventional manner of seating in an aircraft - you can. You will just have to pay more!

And you thought there were free cookies in this world! Cookie Man might give them to you for free to sample them, but they also give you sordid stares if you walk away without purchasing any.

Anyway, so the folks at Design Q who came up with this retarded seating arrangement (according to me, could argue it's "innovative"), have also been kind enough to remind us that people might not be happy with this new seating design (oh yeah, you think?), but if airlines are able to carry more number of passengers, the air fares would drop!!

Why couldn't I do that simple math? Stupid, stupid me...


Moonshine said...

How horrible. The guys who designed it should be made to travel in it a few times!!!!

Scarlett said...

Imagine if they extend this to long flights as well? How uncomfortable!!