Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Clothes Story

We usually talk about how the people we come across in our lives change the way we are as human beings, influence our opinions, thought-processes, behavior & all those exalted things. But has someone you’ve come across ever changed the way you dress?

Well, it’s happened to me for sure – for good or bad.

I used to be pretty much an eye-liner & hoops girl till I moved to Bombay & started living with this crazy chick from PR (said with utmost fondness believe you me). She brought along earrings (bought mostly from Colaba Causeway), a variety of flat sandals/chappals & multi-colored Oshos (again from Colaba Causeway), the ubiquitous Cotton World (that till date dominates my wardrobe, much like Gap & Old Navy did during my college days) and just the right amount of “bling” in one’s overall appearance to give one that edge without being over-the-top!!

And then came A. Before you raise that eyebrow, I do not dress like a boy now! ;)

A makes me think about the clothes I buy. He is anti wearing stuff pulled off the shelves at Shoppers’ Stop, Pantaloons, Westside & the like, for the simple reason that almost every other person would own the same outfits. (Thank God Cotton World isn’t everyone’s favorite haunt or what would I do!!)

He picks colors that aren’t very common. He’s conscious of every inch of fat on his body (the one teaspoonful that he probably has!). He’s very aware of what looks good on him & what doesn’t. He’s insists one must be very careful not to pick outfits that highlight those parts of one's body where fat has applied for & gained permanent residency!

And with time, you start to think like him too…Much to your aggravation because for people like me, who have been lovingly blessed with many many tablespoonfuls (heck, make that truckfuls) of fat on their body, it can be a pain to find an outfit that you like AND which isn’t very common AND which doesn’t highlight your fat reserves.

Sigh....the cruel ways in which nature, society and God (if there is one) choose to show their love for us!!


The knife said...

i've managed to move k out of linking rd as i used to find going there very stressful. These days i head to some fancy brand's shop when i am out of ideas on what to give. I guess corp wear for men is simple. Go to any of the4 or 5 brands and pick up something in white, blue, grey or black

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - From pictures of K that I've seen on your blogs, I think she might like the stuff at 'Cottons'. It's the shop owned by Maharani Gayatri Devi & has some really different & nice ethnic stuff, like tops & skirts. It's near the Reclamation Barista, if you take a right from Barista.

The knife said...

hey, i didn't know that Maharani G D onwed that, We often pass it on the way home. Did you know that K had met M G D once for a press ad shoot for De Beers a fe years back?

K is a C W fan like you. Will check Cottons.

C W has increased its stock and even I am quite fond of it myself these days.

When i met K, she used to wear checked pyjamas to work. Has graduated to jeans now :)

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Cotton World HAS come a long way since, say 2 years ago. They have a wider range but I don't necessarily like all their newer stuff. But remains my favorite clothes store. Though I never dug the stuff they have for guys.

Moonshine said...

I can say that i picked up the earrings habit from you!! In fact, strange it is, but was telling someone today how i only used to wear gold studs.. and its only in the last 3 yrs (post my interaction with you) that i started wearing other stuff!!! :)

Mumbai Diva said...

Hey, I love CW too. There's a very nice, biggish outlet at Andheri. Nice. I used to wear a lot of Cottons when I was in delhi. Loved their dupattas with the gold work. But I kind of have lost interest in them now. I didn't know either it was owned by Maharani Gayatri Devi.

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Guess what? I haven't worn earrings in months! Going through a phase I think...don't feel like wearing them :(

@Mumbai Diva - I wouldn't buy a lot of stuff from Cottons but once in a while it's good. They have a big picture of Maharani Gayatri Devi..guess you missed it.

Moonshine said...

Cant imagine you without earrings!!!!!!