Monday, June 29, 2009

Egg Yolk

That's what the movie should have been called!

‘New York’ is a pathetic movie. The acting – horrible. The script – stupid. I think Aditya Chopra is in a state of decadence since 'Mohabbatein'. 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' was equally stupid but it did have its funny moments. This movie has none.

It’s a known fact that John Abraham is a wooden actor & Katrina Kaif can’t act to save her life. The revelation (for me at least as I haven't seen any of his earlier movies) was that Neil Nitin Mukesh can’t act either. He cannot emote, has no voice modulation & is too pink to be on screen! Someone please ask him to get off the screen & get behind a microphone, if he’s halfway good at it that is!

The script is extremely retarded. They assume the FBI is made up of a bunch of morons who have evidence against a suspected terrorist who is planning a major terror attack on their land but won't arrest him. Instead they would wait for a cab-owner-turned-accomplice (who happens to be a long-lost friend of the suspected terrorist) to get back into the life of the terrorist in order to find out the details of the planned terror attack. I mean...HELL-OW...they're the FBI for Chrissakes! If they have evidence against a terrorist & information that he’s planning a terrorist attack, THEY WOULD ARREST HIM!!!

People in the FBI, according to Yash Raj, apparently also do not notice when some random person is scaling their glass windows planting a bomb.

The script goes from bad to worse. Sample this – the terrorist’s wife has uncovered her husband’s secret (that he is a terrorist) but would not stop him, knowing fully well that his actions could get him arrested & cost him his life if convicted. Did she expect him to get away with 1 month’s imprisonment or $1000 fine? Maybe, for all you know, given the size of her brain, which was illustrated by her bizarre logic for not having discouraged her husband. It will blow away any sane person’s mind, I tell you.

According to her, as long as her husband didn’t tell her about him being a terrorist, there was a chance that he was into terrorism only temporarily and will stop his terrorist activities in due course of time. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????????

I felt like yelling “God please shred my brains apart. Women have reached new depths of stupidity in Hindi movies & I can’t bear to see it!” while watching the movie. This is worse than Anushka Sharma not recognizing her husband in a different look in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Which brings me to the point - the script has been written by some Sanjay Shrivastava but I bet my money that it’s been ghost-written by Aditya Chopra. After all, it’s not easy breaking into the Yash Raj camp without any strings attached, right? And what does Aditya Chopra know about the intricacies of terrorism & counter-terrorism, residing alternately in his Juhu bunglow & the Swiss Alps. The Swiss are known to be neutral & not ones who would be experts in the politics of terrorism.

And then you have the climax where Neil Nitin Mukesh, instead of telling Johnny why he shouldn’t be blowing up the building he is about to blow up (trust me he’s got a very solid reason), spends precious last minutes telling Johnny to hand him the trigger.

I think the casting of Irfan Khan was just a safety measure for Yash Raj. After all his equity is such that his presence in the movie lifts the movie out of the candy-floss genre by default. BTW, I have a question - can a non-American be a part of the FBI? And if Irfan is an Indian-American (born in America) & therefore an American citizen, why doesn’t he have an American accent??


Moonshine said...

Thank god i didnt watch it!!! Sounds ridiculous!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - It IS ridiculous. Watched 'Fight Club' last night. Had been dying to watch it for a long time. It's such a strange movie...have you seen it?

Moonshine said...

No .. not seen it.. who is in it?

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - You don't know about 'Fight Club'??????? LOL...It's got Brad Pitt & Edward Norton. One of Pitt's landmark movies. It's a cult movie!