Monday, June 22, 2009

A Country for Idiots

Our country seems to be very conducive to the existence of stupid people. It provides them the perfect ambience in which they can thrive.

When was the last time you got served 'hot' coffee at Cafe Coffee Day or Barista - when you ordered a 'hot' coffee? Do you remember the last time a shop floor assistant at a retail store such as Pantaloons, Shopper's Stop or Big Bazaar (if you are a Big Bazaar shopper) was able to answer your query or help you locate an item you were looking for? Stupidity seems to be the sole hiring criteria for these stores. The higher your SQ (Stupidity Quotient), the brighter your chances are to get employment at one of these places!

Take the past weekend for example. I went to Cafe Coffee Day & ordered for hot coffee. Knowing they have a tendency to serve luke-warm coffee, I asked them specifically to make sure it's hot. When I got the coffee, it was tepid. Then I went to Big Bazaar to buy microwavable dishes. It's clearly one of my least favorite stores to shop at but I had little choice. I asked them to direct me to where I could find such dishes & they escorted me to the section where they sell microwaves!!

Not to be outdone by these people, the boys at my office canteen have decided to give them stiff competition it seems. I asked for a slice of toasted bread with some butter on it. Five minutes later, another guy from the canteen came to ask me what I wanted. I repeated my order. Ten minutes later, I got a slice of untoasted bread without butter. I asked them to take it back, toast it & put some butter on it. The second time the guy came back, he had a slice of untoasted bread again but he had somehow managed to put butter on it. I sent it back again & when he finally came back with the correct order, I had finished my lunch.

As a friend argued, intelligent people would not work at such places at the meager salaries they get paid. Granted. But one does not have to be "intelligent" to understand what 'hot' coffee means, what a customer means when he/she wants 'a slice of toasted bread with butter on it' or the difference between 'microwavable dishes' & a 'microwave'!!!

You get the point. Stupid people are everywhere. Now only if it was legal to kill them!

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The knife said...

I had a strong and hot coffee from CCD today. but that's only because my wife has trained the folks at the CCD at her office coffee shop. Otherwise it's impossible to get a HOT coffee in a coffee shop.
In fact we were at Crosswords, Turner Rd, the day before I read you post. I had an Ethiopian at the CCD. This is more expensive and comes in a big cup. And was cold by the time I finished half!