Friday, June 26, 2009


For all his short-comings, he WAS a legend. He WAS a phenomenon. He WAS the King of Pop. And the King of Break Dance!

All of us growing up in India in the late 80s-90s grew up on his music. He has inspired countless people to become singers & an even larger number to learn break-dancing! He has impersonators probably next only to Elvis Presley.

He told us ‘It don’t matter if you’re black or white’. He told us ‘We don’t care about them’. He told us we need to ‘Heal the world and make it a better place’.....

Unfortunately for him and for all of us who grew up loving his music (when we were teenagers at least), he got mired in controversies relating to child sexual abuse, his penchant for plastic surgery that was permanently harming his body & his deteriorating financial health. It was all very sad but not sadder than the news of his death, reportedly due to an overdosing on prescription drugs.

This is the second time in this month that I have been reminded of the transience of life - only the first time 'round was more personal. Life can take you completely by surprise. It can end without a second’s notice….just like that.

His death also makes me think that public memory is short-lived & public sentiments should never be taken seriously. For the same person that is loved one day can be loathed the next and loved yet again. MJ was condemned for child sex abuse but there wouldn’t be a soul who was a fan of his music & who wouldn’t be feeling a sense of loss today.


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Can't say I was a huge fan but I did love some of his songs...I'll be There (Free Willy), Black or White, Heal the World, They Don't Care About Us. He was probably the craziest person alive but he made some outstanding music. Sad he's gone.