Friday, June 19, 2009

Conversation with Psycho Girl at Gym

Psycho Girl : Do you know when Kambaqth Ishq is releasing?

Me: No.

PG: You don’t know when it’s releasing??!! (Looking at me like I’m some blonde that doesn’t know that India & Indonesia are two different countries)

Me: No. Sometime this month probably.

PG: (All hassled) But it can’t be releasing this month! 'New York' is releasing on 26th!!

Me: (Giving her the “You’re Psycho” look) So?

PG: Kambaqth Ishq can’t release on the same weekend.

Me: OK. (To myself: Whatever!)

PG: Maybe it’s releasing next weekend.

Me: Maybe. Who cares?

PG: Aren’t you excited it’s releasing? (Giving ME the “You’re Psycho!” look now)

Me: Hmmm…Let me think…No I’m not.

PG: (Almost yelling at this point) But why not?

Me: Look, I don’t care when fucking Kambaqth Ishq is releasing, OK? I have bigger things to be worried about in life.

PG: Like?

Me: Like my weight is fucking stuck at ** kg!!!

I stopped the treadmill, got down & went to the Cross Trainer instead. God, as if gym isn't enough to kill you, some people will irritate you till they positively have!!


The knife said...

gymming is injurious to health...mental at least

Scarlett said...

Definitely for women who come to gym everyday (b/c they're sitting at home & have nothing to do) yet don't manage to lose any weight b/c they eat ten times what they burn at gym!!

The knife said...

I used to look at my time at the gym as an unwinding time... but would go about doing my stuff... btw see if you have any better luck with MCH comments

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Comments on MCH worked!

The knife said...

thanks for pointing out the was becoming the quietest coffee house in the history of coffee houses

Moonshine said...

Listen to your ipod at the gym. That way no one will trouble you.

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I can't. I do circuit training, which means I have to switch between machines very rapidly...every minute or so. It's practically impossible to carry an Ipod around!!

Moonshine said...

What in the world is circuit training? Not gone to the gym in ages now!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Circuit training is this thing where you do a range of exercises (weight-training mixed with cardio) for short spans of time...such as one set of each...and then you start again right from the top. Make sense?