Monday, June 1, 2009

The Weekend That Was

They say 'it ain’t over till it’s over'.

How come this applies only to the bad phases in life? Why do the good things, such as weekends, get over so fast??

Mom went back on Saturday after having spent 2 weeks here. She went back really paranoid and concerned about my well-being, having witnessed the cyclone.

I on my part am very proud of myself for having shown great courage in the face of the cyclone (my sister & I jumped over fallen trees, wires etc. to get essentials for the house such as milk, bread, eggs, batteries for the torch, candles etc. before the stores shut down due to the cyclone) and even greater restraint in terms of food even though mom was around. I barely let her cook fancy stuff except for the occasional chicken curry, which along with roti is my favorite home food. I’m not letting those 3.5 kgs find their way back to my waistline!!

Saturday whizzed past....took mom to buy last-minute things for my parent’s house. And Sunday was catch-up-on-my-sleep day. I was severely sleep-deprived while mom was around. Mom, like people of her generation, is an early-riser. Which meant the house got hustling & bustling at unearthly hours (well, for me at least) like 6.30am! After much cribbing from my end, she did extend her "dormant hours" to 7am but that was the most she could give, and the best I could manage to get out of her.

On Sunday life was back to normal. I woke up at 10.30am, followed by coffee & brunch with A. We came back to my place around 1pm and fell asleep again, not to wake up till 4pm! Getting to sleep on a weekend afternoon is an absolute pleasure for me, the next best thing to lunching outside followed by a movie!

After tea and a cool shower, A went to play cricket (them boys!) with his friends while I went over to my sister’s place where I had delicious rolls stuffed with kosha mangsho style mutton (a Bong favorite for the uninitiated).

Had a nice satisfying Sunday after a slightly sad Saturday (owing to mom’s departure etc.)….but why did it have to end so early??


Moonshine said...

I slept through the weekend!!

The knife said...

unrelated comment but why do folks refer to their spouse/ boyfriend, etc as A on anonymous blogs. saw it in a coiple of other blogs too

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - B/c I'm not used to sleeping during the afternoons, most of the times I have difficulty falling asleep in the afternoon during weekends. So I go for lunch & coffee, movie, shopping etc.

@The Knife - In my case, his name DOES start with an 'A. And it's true for one of the other bloggers you might be referring to as well :)

The knife said...

that's quite a coincidence

Moonshine said...

Yes yes its true for me too... BTW do you think there are many many more people whose name starts with the alphabet A than any other letter? Somehow i think it would be true!

Scarlett said...

@Knife - A is a very common alphabet as far as names are concerned :) More common than K definitely...Lol :P

@Moonshine - S is a very popular alphabet as far as names are concerned. I think more people might be named with S actually.