Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have You Eaten Enough Today?

I had an awesomely fun weekend! Never mind that I ate at a really cheesy restaurant or watched a bad movie. It was just the kind of weekend I want most of my weekends to be - out & about doing stuff rather than languishing at home.

The weekend started with lunch at this relatively new restaurant called ‘Machan’. It’s a theme restaurant with ‘jungle’ as their theme. It was a place we hadn’t tried before so we decided to go. The inside of the restaurant was completely dark except for white lights on top of every table!

Now does it require an Einstein to know that white light at restaurants is a total put-off? It’s one thing to try & do something different but there is a very thin line between being able to pull off something different & going completely wrong! And to miss something as basic as this…well, if you’re getting into a business - any business - you better get the basics right!

What put us off even further were the plastic tigers, elephants & giraffes that were part of the d├ęcor. I mean, couldn’t they have had animals made out of stone or something?

The food wasn’t bad but it wasn’t spectacular either. We ordered a Karachi-style mutton kebab for starters. I’ve had melt-in-your-mouth varieties of this kebab elsewhere, and though the kebab we had yesterday wasn’t bad, it wasn’t a patch on the stuff I’ve had at other restaurants. For the main course we ordered a mutton dish (named Rifle Mutton in line with the jungle theme), which was reasonably decent, along with rice. And we wrapped up our meal with gulab jamuns & rosogullas doused in rabri!!

Needless to say, we couldn’t walk around after the meal. So we decided to do the next best thing (next only to sleeping) in such a scenario – we decided to watch a movie & ‘New York’ was it! I’ve already put a separate post on the movie but let me just reiterate that the mind is known not to make very smart & sound decisions when it’s in a state of half slumber. The movie was so pathetic I had to watch another movie – 'Death of a Funeral' – that night to detoxify my mind. It is a hilarious movie. Please do watch it when you have the time.

On Sunday I met a friend for lunch. After gorging an entire plateful of pasta, we wanted to go to a coffee & dessert place. The place we chose, a deli, offered a hell lot more than coffee & dessert…such as pancakes, waffles & crepes!

We happily ordered an apple pie with ice cream along with coffee. While we were contemplating leaving the place, it started raining! Now, what would you have chosen if you were in our position - getting wet in the rain or staying within the dry, warm confines of a coffee shop?

We, like any sensible two people on this planet, chose the latter and ended up ordering a waffle with whipped cream & apples in cinnamon sauce. But as destiny would have it (yes, yes it was destiny at play...otherwise why would two sane people who are stuffed up to their neck with food order more food?) we ended up ordering a plateful of pancakes. With maple syrup & whipped cream of course. Trust me, the smell of pancakes being freshly made in butter is hard to resist!

The weekend was about food & movies. And while I hope I don't make it a habit to stuff myself like that every weekend, it IS good to forget about all your worries and drown yourself in the comforts of food every once in a while. And of course, a better choice of movies might help :)


Moonshine said...

Which reminds me of Pancakes at Mondys!!! :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I loved breakfast at Mondy's! Loved their ham & cheese omelettes that came with hash browns, English muffins & sausages on the side :)

The knife said...

what a lovely weekend...but plastic animals????

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Yeah, the animals that were part of the decor were made of plastic! Can you imagine?