Friday, August 21, 2009

Because I have an Opinion on Everything

According to the US Customs & Border Protection, SRK was detained for questioning because the promoters of the show that he was going to perform at were under the scanner of law enforcement authorities in UK, US & India for dodgy financial transactions & links with the underworld. Moreover, one of the promoters bears the same name as the London-based leader of Pakistan's Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) party.

Now that the cat is out of the bag (or so we think), here’s my two cents worth.

I think SRK needs to get a life AND a grip on reality. And stop taking the title of ‘King Khan’ (who is above all) so seriously for Chrissake! He might be Shah Rukh Khan on his home turf, but for the US immigration officials he was just one of the million foreigners who enter American soil everyday & who had a red flag against his name.

The officer who stopped him was merely performing his duty – failure of which could have meant his neck on the line, had this “suspicious” foreigner carried out a terrorist attack on America. If anything, we should laud the officer for being vigilant & proactive. But we (Indians) are not used to things like 'vigilance', 'pro-activeness', 'efficiency', 'honesty & integrity in our jobs', 'all people being equal' etc., so I can understand our outrage against the incident. If only our officers were so diligent, we wouldn’t have hundreds of terrorists sneaking into our country every day.

Think about this – there hasn’t been a terrorist attacks on American soil after 9/11. Or in UK after the July 2005 London bombing. Or in Spain after Madrid. While we have been pounded repeatedly since the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001 – Ghatkopar blast in 2003, Mumbai train blasts in 2006, 26/11. Not to mention the countless smaller blasts that keep taking place in Kashmir & the North-East almost on a daily basis.

Fear psychosis? Sure. About time we had it too.


The knife said...

must agree with Sallu Bhai on this...

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - What did Sallu bhai say?

The knife said...

pretry much what you did :) He came on news. Said 'isi liye nothing has happened there after 911'

btw did I tell you that he walked into candies a few evenings back while i was having coffee...he kept smiling

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - I ran into him at Olive. He smiled, said hi & patted me on the back. Sweet he is.

The knife said...

yes he did look very warm...most of the others there were kids (it was 5 PM) and he walked into the counter with no fuss...then a few went up for photos

Wears his heart on his sleeve...when he wears a shirt that is

So you've not washed that top since then?

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - What crap! I'm not a star struck woman...infact I don't even remember what top I was wearing :)

Funny thing is, I was with a friend of mine who looks quite like Salman Khan (a lesser beefcake version) & he hates being told so...LOL

The knife said...

I had a classmate in school who was in the same genre, lookswise