Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Halfway There

I’m halfway down the road to losing 10 kgs. I’ve lost 5kgs (11 lbs). Flat.

I didn’t know how I’ll manage to knock off 10 kgs when I started out. Anyone who’s tried losing weight knows just how difficult and frustrating it can be! You can keep sweating it out at the gym & starve yourself to the point of dizziness, without any results. But now I know...losing weight is tough but it’s doable. If you do it the right way, of course. And the right way to shed pounds, while ensuring they don’t find their way right back on to you, is to not kill yourself at the gym or starve!

Ironic, isn’t it?

You don’t need to work out for more than 1-1.5 hours at a time. You just need to do it consistently, under proper guidance, and you need to do both cardio & resistance training. You don’t need to skip meals, go on crash diets or live on fruit juices. You need to eat more frequently than you normally do...about 5-6 small meals a day, but you need to be sensible & careful about what you eat. You need not deprive yourself of food you love either (whatever that may be!), but you need to eat those things in moderation & know where to stop!

A big credit for the -5 goes to A. I was making only half-hearted attempts initially. He was always pushing me to do it (I mean, the man has not an ounce of fat on his body. He isn’t thin either...he’s just perfect...but he still thinks of himself as overweight). He’s gone completely out of his way to drop me at gym on days when I was slacking off...he’s rearranged his plans countless number of times so I could accommodate gym & he could still get to see me...he cut down on eating out himself because I was trying to avoid eating out. So more than myself, I’ve done it for him. And I’ll go the rest of the way too, for him.

In fact, I’m feeling adventurous & think I’ll give myself a stretch target - to lose a total of 12 kgs instead of 10. Howzzat??


Mumbai Diva said...

very inspiring.

i've lost about 4 kgs. but it's taken me a good 4 months to do that. but yes. you're right. i haven't starved myself in the process. hence the whole process is actually fun rather than one big bore.

6 more to go for me :)

Scarlett said...

@Mumbai Diva - I too have taken some 4-5 months to lose the 5 kgs but I feel I can sustain it since I didn't do any crash diets etc. It's been a combination of eating right & exercising.

Moonshine said...

I havent gone to the gym for weeks.. this is week 5.. :(

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - It's OK to slack off some times :)

Moonshine said...

Slack off sometimes did you say???? lol..

The knife said...


Just passed on a Super scribblers award to you!

What a day to get this from a foodie though... let me know if you ever want to know how to gain weight