Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fried Chicken Anyone? :(

What does one need to lift one’s mood on a cloudy, wet, gloomy day when one is generally feeling lazy & unproductive?

How ‘bout KFC?

Yup. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Greasy, deep fried and smokin’ hot :)

I can see food connoisseurs snickering but sometimes you just CRAVE KFC. What are you to do then? Big chunks of piping hot deep fried chicken put you in such a warm, happy place. You feel satiated with the very first bite, satisfaction that you can feel deep down. A smile creeps over your surly face…and stays on. I had KFC for lunch, and I want more!!

Come to think of it, food can be such a comforting thing, especially hot food. Greasy food too sometimes, like after you’ve been on a drinking binge. Food is the one thing that remains common across moods – we eat when we’re happy, sad, depressed. It really is essential to our being.

After years of being in denial, I’ve finally accepted that I love food. I don’t live to eat. Food isn’t on my mind all the time, but I love good food, I love eating out and I crave variety. Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Mediterranean…I love it all!

You know what, I think I'm on my way to KFC again. Don't snicker y'all...Remember the days you crave brownies? Or hot pakoras? Or whatever it is that floats your boat!!


The knife said...

I doubt if you still have benfish vans at calcutta but you used to get them at the Book Fair and behind Rabindra Sadan.

The had something called fish butter fry which was a rhapsody of batter. I last had it when I spotted a benfish van at darjeeling

I like KFC too

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Maybe the benfish vans are still there. I don't know...haven't been to either of these places. I get my fish fry from Campari...pretty good stuff.