Friday, August 28, 2009

SALE is a four-letter word

That’s been my mantra for the past 6 months. While every shop around has been setting itself on fire with sales, trying to outdo each other on the percentage off, I've been walking around like a race horse with blinkers on!

The past couple of months have been a carnival for shopaholics. Right from brands such as UCB, Levis, Reebok & Adidas to shops selling unbranded stuff – they’ve all been screaming ‘SALE’!! And I’ve been trying to stay away from them like one stays away from the plague, or swine flu in these times - partly because I’ve realized I need to get my investments & rainy day savings in place, partly because I felt I really need to have enough money to travel to places I’ve always dreamt of going to but never seem to have enough dough to swing a trip (read Paris, Italy, Greece, Turkey), and partly because I have a very strong feeling that if I try to stuff any more into my already over-flowing closet, my clothes might just come to life & decide to strangle me in the dead of the night when I’m sleeping soundlessly in my sexy, satiny, strappy, slinky red negligee! Ahem.

So shopping’s been out of the list of things to do when one is bored or depressed. Watching movies has been out too for the most part thanks to a movie draught over the past few months. That leaves eating out – which of course I’ve been OD-ing on, given the piglet that I am! Suddenly, I seem to have forgotten that my weight loss target was 10 kgs & not 5!

Last night I was reminded of it very rudely by ‘The Boy’ who made it a point to pinch every inch of adipose on my body and accuse me of having become complacent. He also reminded me that I haven’t been to gym in more than 4 weeks and threatened to drag me there by the hair if I didn’t get my act together ASAP! Excuse me, but aren’t boyfriends supposed to be showering you with flowers, smothering you with hugs & kisses, and pampering you with chocolates and NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE BECOMING FAT!!!!!

So we literally had a physical fight by the end of which I was thrown off the bed & onto the floor by virtue of ‘The Boy’s’ sheer physical strength. But I felt strangely light (in spirit), emotionally relieved & one did after playing a game that involved running around when one was a kid. Or after a good physical fight with one’s sibling - that did not involve getting one’s hair pulled by the fistful!

So when was the last time you played/wrestled/got into a physical fight with someone? And I do not mean men beating the daylights out of each other.

PS: I didn't know what direction this post would take when I started writing it. From 'sales' we've ended up on men beating each other up. Now if this only extended to men beating each other up in order to decide who would get to buy the most number of gifts for the woman. That wouldn't be so bad, eh?


Moonshine said...

I havent shopped in a long time!!!

When did i have a physial fight..mmmmm... i think that would be with my sis.. and maybe when i was school.. long long time ago!!!!

Today felt like indulging in a full fight!!! But i refrained!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Sometimes fighting or even playing (that involves intense physical activity) can be a lot of fun! Remember 'Fight Club'? (The english one)