Monday, August 10, 2009

'Public Enemies' & Bra Shopping

Yes, you read that right. So those of you who’re not interested in my bra shopping trip this past weekend, or find such a topic offensive, are advised to skip to the second part of this post. Unless you’re also not interested in ‘Public Enemies’, then you can skip this entire post!


I detest bra shopping. I think anyone who’s above a 34B does. Am I right?

I don’t squeal at the sight of sexy lace or cute polka-dotted bras like many other PYTs.

It’s very difficult to find the right bra – one that looks pretty/cute, yet gives your breasts the support they need and gives your body a nice contour. Needless to mention that most bras that do all of the above-mentioned things cost a bomb! But the process of trying one bra after another to find the one that fits right is extremely tiring.

To make matters worse, there are so many companies in India offering a wide range of bras these days, both in terms of designs & style - racer-back, push-up, cross-your-heart, padded, strapless, clear straps, under wired, demi-cup, convertible, multi-way, t-shirt, minimizer, maximizer, shelf, peephole etc. Trial sessions are exhausting!!

This past weekend Marks & Spencer, where bras retail at Rs 1300-1400 a piece, had an up to 60% off sale, including on lingerie, which is a rarity. I needed to buy a couple of t-shirt bras so I went.
The store was a madhouse! Aunties carried armloads of sexy bras into the trial rooms and remained there forever. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t imagine any of them being able to carry off any of those bras. No offence to aunties but I somehow can’t imagine chhachh-drinking thepla-serving aunties with potbellies & hips wider than the state of Texas wearing sexy barely-there bras.

And this one aunty told her husband to kindly stay away from the bra section of the store while she shopped for bras. I’m sure they were married for more than 20 years!

AND…what’s with lecherous middle-aged men with pot-bellies & oiled hair standing in the bra section, leching at women buying bras??!!! It’s sickening! They make you so uncomfortable…it seems their tongue would hang out any moment.

So did I find the right bra? Yes, I did! It was a steal too, considering it’s a Marks & Spencer bra. I got 2 for 1400 bucs, where as each of them individually would’ve cost about that much without the sale. So yayyy!!


On a totally separate note, I watched ‘Public Enemies’ this weekend. Had to b/c of Johnny Depp. The movie revolves around the notorious bank robber of the Depression era (1930s), John Dillinger, who became such a huge problem for the United States government that they had to get the FBI involved in capturing him “dead or dead”. Of course, as in all movies that have the battle between vice & virtue as their pivot, this movie too has a predictable ending, but the cat & mouse game keeps you engaged. More than that you marvel at the self-confidence of the outlaw – manifested in the number of times he escapes from jail, walks into the room of the ‘Dillinger Hunting Squad’ at the Chicago Police Department (without a disguise), asks for the score of the baseball game & walks out, and how he sneaks out undetected (again without disguise) even when he’s surrounded by the police!

I won’t rave about the movie but I found it reasonably good. It’s engrossing throughout, has a brilliant background score & a smoldering Johnny Depp (no surprises there :). Christian Bale (Batman) was suitably subdued. Marion Cotillard is far prettier in real life than she’s looked in the movie.

If you love Johnny Depp, go watch it! The movie is no ‘Finding Neverland’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ but it’s still worth watching for Johnny Depp.


Ashwin said...

Mighty interesting this post of yours :)

I'm hoping to watch Public Enemies this weekend myself. Watched the trailer a couple of months ago, loved it!

Another movie I'm waiting for is Inglorious bastards.

The knife said...

ha ha... But I'll stick to the movies too. Recently saw two films set in the same era once again, LA confidential and Untouchables. Must get dvds and watch them even if you have seen them before. Classic... I spent sunday at phoenix. Bought a jacket at M&S. Ur post explains why K couldn't even make it the trial room for a tee. Evyrone had a MS bag. The new BIG bAZAR?

Scarlett said...

@Ashwin - Trust you to find it interesting. You were going to watch 'Agyaat' for Nisha Kothari's assets afterall - which let me tell you again you're hallucinating about :)

BTW...It's 'IngloUrious BastErds'

@The Knife - I have this policy of buying only those DVDs that I can watch over & over again. Do 'LA Confidential' & 'Untouchables' fall in that category? I haven't seen either though I've heard they're good.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of clothes at M&S. I find them somewhat dowdy. And even in the UK, they aren't such a great brand as they're supposed to be in India. But you're right about it being on track to become another Big Bazaar...there's no quality control in terms of the people who go there even without a sale on! People have so much disposable income these days!

The knife said...

in fact the price of their clothes were pretty's trousers at 900 with adjustable waists...which I definitely need :)

Yes these are must own movies...but don't you have a rental?

Disposable income..true... and what recession?

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - I got a membership at a DVD rental store near my house but hardly ever utilised it. I prefer watching movies at theaters anyday! On weekends, I figure I can do a lot of other things like shop, go out for breakfast/ lunch/dinner, meet friends, read, blog etc. I hardly ever watch movies at home.

Moonshine said...

But i wil comment on your topic 1.. bras et all!!!! Trying on bras is definitely a long process.. so i have figured out one way in which it is much faster.. go on a weekday.. really am not kidding!!! Thats the best way to ensure you are away from the stampeding public!!!

BTW tyring to have a work related discussion on lingerie with men is tough!!!! They are more embarrassed than the women!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Yeah, it's fun when men get embarassed about lingerie, menstruation etc. I'm just like, "Oh come on, you know all women wear bras and menstruate! What's the big deal?"

Moonshine said...

I know its fun to see them blush!!!

The knife said...

stop giggling you too. i studied sciology and was in qualitative research. Am immune

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - You're the man! Haha!!