Saturday, August 29, 2009

Of Microwave Brownies & Car Issues Induced Crankiness

I've had a mind-blowingly unproductive day. Started out with me gorging down straight-off-the-frying-pan aaloo parathas. Then I went on to make a brownie with a brownie mix that I picked up from the grocery store.

Now there were two complications - one, I was using a brownie mix, which can never equal a homemade batter in terms of taste, and secondly, I do not have an oven, just a simple microwave with micro & grill functions. Expectedly, the brownie came out tasting like crap - boiled rather than baked! And to think I took the pain of putting walnuts etc. in it.

Next on the agenda was making chicken quesadillas with guacamole for dinner. I had the recipe downloaded and the ingredients duly purchased, but the ambitious plan was ultimately shelved due to 'The Boy's' insistence we go to watch Quick Gun Murugan in the evening (chicken quesadillas were replaced by a promise to bring rice pulao & kosha mangsho for dinner, which I don't see happening either as of now).

He was in a surly mood himself, induced by the non-availability of the car of his choice. Hopefully Quick Gun Murugun will do us both some good.

What about you? How did you spend your Saturday?


Moonshine said...

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing.. that actually means sleeping.. evening went out to a lebanese joint Mezzeh.. Today also.. similar pattern.. actually not.. plan to pamper myself at the parlour!!! :)

Hope his mood is better with QGM.. actually its a lot of crap.. but fun crap.. am sure his surliness has gone.. and you guys are busy mouthing QGM dialogues as we were :)

The knife said...

My highlight of saturday was an interview which i did with a very experienced and world travelled Italian chef. It became more of a conversation than an interview. We rapped so well that I suddenly realised that we chatted close to four hours without a break.

And check the mail I sent you and Moonshine for my highlight of Friday.

bricks said...

I was still unwinding from the Friday night mayhem after the Scrabble and Uno brigade had left. Fortunately, there was not much cleaning to be done as we had got disposable plates and glasses. Lunch was the leftover paneer-something with rice. Watched 'Bruno' at night. It is disgusting and not even funny.

How was Quick Gun Murugun?

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - We kept quoting QG Murugan, I say! And kept adding 'I Say' at the end of everything we said. LOL :)

On a different note, how did you like Lebanese food?

@The Knife - I saw the mail & replied to it too. Congrats again! Go & win that award now :)

BTW, I have two Bongs coming home for dinner next weekend & I'm thinking of putting your eelish posto recipe to good use :)

@Bricks - QGM is the most nonsensical movie ever but it's insanely funny. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a stress buster.

Moonshine said...

It was really nice.. lebanese food.. and first thought in my mind was.. "should click a pic like Knife does"!!! But i did not.. so there!!! :) It was good food and a really nice place.. a terrace restaurant types..