Friday, August 21, 2009

Do I Have the Right?

Boy was out of town all of last week, has hardly spoken to me all of this week & not met up with me even once during the entire week. He gets done early today (Friday night) while I toil away at my laptop & face the most definite prospect of working tomorrow (Saturday), probably late into the night if I want my Sunday off.

He leaves work early without a care for how I’m doing, how much longer I’ll be at work, will I get back home safely etc., and goes beer drinking with his equally useless guy friends. I SMS him twice while he’s guzzling beer & he replies with a one-liner only 2 hours later!

I ask him to sod off & he says I’m getting mad at him because I’m irritated at work! Grrrrrrr…Do I have the right to be hopping mad at him or not??!!!


Moonshine said...

You have all the right.. when it happens to me i feel like bashing his head in!!!! In fact it is very satisfying to do so!!! :) Or give him cold treatment.. thats what i usually do.. the earlier line is what i think and not do!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Yeah fighting isn't working. On the contrary it leaves me feeling drained. I'll give him the cold treatment.