Monday, August 11, 2008

Highlights of The Weekend

1. Played with a pug (the Vodafone dog) named Samsung. I first met him 2 months ago when he was a little baby. Kept meeting him on & off as he belongs to someone in my neighborhood but got to play with him for the first time yesterday. In just 2 months he has become such a BIG FAT dog!!!!! In fact, he has become so overweight that he was having trouble breathing. Poor baby, that dog! What’s wrong with his owners…can they not see they’re overfeeding him??!!!

2. Gave a piece of my mind to someone that I thought needed it desperately. And what a feeling it was to be able to decide that I'd had enough, turn around & give them the finger!!!!!

3. Realized (for the gazillionth time probably) that I’m lucky enough to have an amazingly cool set of parents. Since I started going to college (which I think is a fair enough age), they have let me do what I wanted to, never questioned my decisions & always supported them. They have never asked me what I do with my money, who I go out with, what time I get home at night, why I get home so late on days I go out with friends etc. They have never cribbed about how I hardly ever come home, how I get irritated 9 out of 10 times I'm talking to them, throw a tantrum & hang up!! LOVE YOU GUYS.

4. Also understood that there’s someone in my life who cares for me MUCH MUCH MORE than I realize, and definitely more than I do for him. Always puts me & what I want before himself. I take him for granted all the time, subject him to my mood swings almost every day, give him loads of crap, get pissed off with him over the littlest of things, cut him no slack...yet he puts up with all of this without ever giving it back to me. I think you have to be really lucky to have even one friend who cares so much about you. I must have done something really nice/been really good to someone to earn this.

Anyway...back to fun things!!

5. Had delicious Chinese….Can’t tell you how much I love Chinese food. I miss 5 Spice every single day :(

6. Had the most yummy crunchy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake. One cake split between 2 people only. Can’t get better than that!! :D

7. Played cricket with the boys. Yes….FINALLY they let me play! That was because I hid the only ball they had!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! And got 2 bruises in the process but that's okay 'coz I feel like a dude!!!!!


Psyched said...

no. 4 seems to be interesting...

do i know him

Scarlett said...


Ashwin said...

5 spice? I went there just last weekend. It takes me just a few minutes to walk out of my house and upto 5spice. Cool aye?


Scarlett said...

Get lost Ashwin!!

Ashwin said...

What? Was it something I said?