Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. Paul's Anyone?

During the most recent parents’ visit I learned that my parents almost sent me to boarding school at St. Paul’s, Darjeeling when I was a kid.

Apparently, it was my mom’s idea. According to my dad, my mom, who studied at Loretto Convent, Darjeeling for a few years, wanted to enrol me in St. Paul’s so she could get to visit Darjeeling often. Can you imagine that??

That’s THE MOST selfish reason I have ever come across to put one’s kids in boarding school. I mean, did my mom not love us or what???

Anyway, on knowing this I seized the opportunity to take my mom’s case (to those who know me, I don’t spare even my mom :-).

As mom started feeling guilty, my dad started gloating, since apparently he was the one who put his foot down and refused to send us to boarding school.

Now, one must never let dad gloat. Dad gloats - rubs it in mom’s face – mom starts getting emotional – a harmless joke turns into tear-laden sessions of “you guys never try to understand me, whatever I do is never enough for you guys, you take me for granted, you don’t give a rat’s ass about me ya di ya da”. None of this is ever related to the conversation that preceds it, I know, but that’s how moms operate.

Having said that schools such as Doon School, Welhams, St. Paul’s etc. have a legacy attached to them, and it would’ve been kind of cool having studied at St. Paul’s.

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