Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Let me start this post by saying that I hate cats. Apart from pigeons. I absolutely HATE ABHOR LOATHE CAN’T TOLERATE them.

Remember the Bingo! ad with the Norwegian model who’s cribbing that her cat walked out on her? Now, a dog would NEVER walk out on his master. So bottomline is…cats are loathsome creatures that cannot be trusted.

This friend of mine has 14 cats in his house (I can’t even stand being around one, he lives with 14! Imagine!!)

He has a big house so accommodating all the billis isn’t a problem. This weekend one of the baby cats decided to go missing & my friend was worried sick because he really loves his billis. I found it almost comical that he was so worried about the cat but I was asked to shut up because the poor thing might be suffering somewhere.


So dear friend spends all day worrying about the missing cat, I spend all day shut up & the big round cat can’t be traced.

He’s still not found the cat. Come to think of it, I do hope it’s not suffering. As my friend said, “It’s not about being sensitive or insensitive to animals. It’s about how you feel for them, and if a pet you’ve raised goes missing, it’s like your child gone missing.”

Why aren’t there more such sensitive men in this world?

PS: When I asked my friend why cats often go missing while dogs never do, he said it's because cats are more adventurous by nature while dogs are dependant and essentially, cowards. I think he's right.


Moonshine said...

I also prefer dogs to cats.. but i have no aversion to cats.. they are cute.. i also used to have a frd with about 20 cats at her place!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarlett said...

I don't like the way cats look at you...it's like they can look right through you. Makes me very uncomfortable. And there's something about the way they walk & move their body that's very very unsettling.

Ashwin said...

Pfff... Dogs are smarter. They go out, they hunt, they play and then they FIND their way back. Cats are too stupid to remember where they came from

Scarlett said...

I agree Ashwin. Bang on!! :P