Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The joy of lazing

Today has been a lazy day. We didn’t have work due to a bandh so I’ve been home all day (What a waste...I hate staying home on a day off!!)

I had grand plans for the day, among them:

  • Blog
  • Finish the book I currently reading
  • Watch one of the movies I have recently purchased
  • Clean my cupboard
  • Clean my bathroom
  • Put naphthalene balls among my clothes
  • Change the sheets on my bed
  • Make a list of groceries to be purchased

And what I ended up doing :

  • Woke up at 11.30
  • Had tea & read the newspaper till 12.30
  • Ate
  • Blogged from 1-3pm
  • Ate
  • Slept
  • Ate
  • Now am contemplating what to do with my life (God, I can’t handle twilights!!)

Any ideas?


Nirav said...

Too bad we don't have CPIM in Mumbai. I so miss Calcutta now :-(

Moonshine said...

Read more books


walk / jog/ go to gym

call ppl and throw an impromptu party!!

Scarlett said...

@ Nirav - You're from Cal? Well it's not all that nice 'coz we're working Saturday :(

@ Moonshine - Cook? Yeah right!! Walk/Jog/Gym can't happen 'coz we can't leave home today. It's a bandh!! Threw an impromptu party last house was a mess with beer bottles & cigarette stubs strewn everywhere (my friends smoke like bloody chimneys!!) & parents were due to arrive early the next morning!!

Ashwin said...

You know, what you ended up doing was so much better than what you planned to get done.

You are now, officially, a slacker!


Ashwin said...

It's nice that people come to you for advice on this - "girlfriend doesn't pay enough attention to me"


Nirav said...

Yups, am from Cal. Spent the first 22 years of my life there, and spent them cribbing about it all the time. Now, I miss it!

How are you liking the city?

Scarlett said...

It's OK. But I miss my Bombay :(