Sunday, February 8, 2009

Because I Worked On Saturday

I don't understand how people sustain six-days-a-week jobs. I worked this Saturday & Sunday got over sooner than I could blink. It's left me feeling like I didn't get a weekend at all. I need my two days off to retain my sanity & my life :)

I'm stressed out, tired, sleep-deprived & have been braving the onslaught of Daler Mehndi - Baba Sehgal music over the previous two nights. You see, there's a marriage hall near my house & the people getting married there over the past two nights have decided that no music is better than 'Main Bhi Madonna' type Baba Sehgal music, sung by a completely besura band of singers! Damn it, where's the night police when you need them the most??

So...this is going to be a completely useless post. Also a chick-friendly one, so if you aren't one (a chick, I mean) or not interested in one (in a chick-friendly post dahling, not in chicks :) you are best advised not to read on. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

I LOVE BAGS & SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

I think the humungous bags that can see almost every woman (who's not an aunty, sorry if I'm offending anyone's wives here! ) carrying these days are man's best gift to womankind.

Actually, it has to have been a woman who came up with the idea of such a big bag b/c as they say in our movies 'ek aurat hi doosri aurat ka dard dard samajh sakti hai'. Let me modify that to 'ek aurat hi doosri aurat ki zaroorat samajh sakti hai'. Yuck! I can't believe I just wrote that!!

But then I warned you this would be a useless post. Please add irreverant to that.

Anyway, coming back to the point. The big bags are unbelievably functional. You can literally carry your entire world with you! The increased style quotient is just an added bonus.

BTW...For men who always wonder (but haven't manage to find out yet) what women carry in their bags, here's a peek.... wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, kohl, pocket mirror, hair brush, wet wipes, face wash, face cream, moisturizer, mint, sun I mentioned that's just a peek.

To the men reading this - don't you snigger! Just today a guy at work came to me asking for moisturizer!

And no, we don't carry protection, so don't assume we do. Just carry your own! ;-)

Coming to shoes, I love stilletos! The higher the heels, the better. Doesn't matter if we can walk in them or not. Stilletos make your feet look so damn pretty, they can completely change the look of an outfit. Take jeans for can wear flats, slip-ons or open-toed sandals with jeans for a casual, laid-back look. Wear the same pair of jeans with a pair of stilletos & you're all set to party!

According to research (don't ask me who did it, I didn't) stilletos also enhance one's s*x life. Apparently, women's pelvic muscles get exercised when they wear stilletos and that means better action ;)

So next time men tell us we have more bags & shoes than we need, we MUST tell them that by stopping us from buying bags they are violating the perception that they are more rational than women b/c they give more importance to functionality than to mere looks, and by preventing us from buying shoes they are causing a deterioration in their own quality of life. There!

I think I'll spend whatever is left of my measley weekend reading some chick lit....or maybe watch a chick flick. Which BTW are other 'chicky' things I love. They're so much fun...the bitching, the gossipping, the fashion, the hot men, the revenge of the woman over her cheating boyfriend, her encounters with men who are 'forbidden fruit'. It all comes together in a happy ending and makes you feel that at the end of the day, women are SIMPLY FABULOUS!!!!!


The knife said...

i hate working on weekends. Ironically the only time I remember coming to work on my birthday was on a sunday

Moonshine said...

Remember wearing stilletos at Singapore???

And i totally agree with that last line :)

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Thankfully I haven't had to work on a Sunday. But you never know what life springs at you! Lol :)

@Moonshine - Yes I do remember. Also remember how my heels kept getting stuck between the wooden planks by the poolside & the waiter had to pull it out for me. And ofcourse, our tiny little wardrobe malfunction ;) I will never forget that!! :D