Friday, February 27, 2009

The End of a Journey, The Beginning of Another

Apparently, it's recession time. Not in my office though! I worked till 12-1am almost every day of February, worked every Saturday. We had so much work, we had to rope in people from our other branches to help us out! Apparently, they are reeling under recession and have a lot of free time on their hands. Maybe I should consider getting a transfer?

It's been quite a month! Thankfully, it's over. The humungous study that was giving me sleepless nights (not from stress as much as hours spent in office) is over & done with. The presentation went on for 2 days at The Park, but it's over & I've had a weekend of blissful sleep, fun & getting sloshed with some friends who were visiting & also spending some amazing time with some even more amazing people!

All in all, I'm in a happy place right now, and feeling blessed. How can you feel otherwise when you realize you are loved immensely inspite of all your short-comings, quirks & mood swings. Loved for what you are, loved by people who are possibly the nicest human beings you've ever known, and loved more than they love themselves. You've got to be pretty darned lucky to land yourself in such a situation. Fingers and toes are all crossed.

Somewhere deep down it makes me believe that all of us have to go through countless trials & tribulations in life....losses, betrayal, hurt, conceit, disappointments....but if you are a good person at heart, good comes your way at the end of the day. Hope floats.

Keep the faith.