Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things Fall Into Place

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a category I had no knowledge of at all, leading to stressful days & sleepless nights.

The project is humungous (not to mention extremely research oriented, the kind of research I have never done before), has a strict deadline, my clients are demanding & some of the most research savvy people I’ve met, and I had no clue how to go about doing the analysis!!

But finally, I’m past the first hurdle and things have not only started making sense, they're becoming interesting even!

And with every passing day I believe what Moonshine said to me more & more, “You do this one study well & you’ll know all there is to know about cigarettes!” :)


The knife said...

ironically I hardly smoked when I did cigarette i hardly smoke

Scarlett said...

You mean now you hardly don't smoke?

Moonshine said...

I did cigarette research when i started my career!! I am sure i can handle it better now!! At that time, i used to be always traumatised!!!

Scarlett said...

The kind of analysis done in tobacco studies is very evolved & complicated. It takes time to learn. It was unnerving for me even though I have 5 yrs of market research experience behind me. I can imagine what it would be for someone who's just started out!