Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skirting the Issue


Moonshine put up a post on skirts. I just HAD to follow it up with one of my own!

I love skirts. There is no attire, except gowns & saris, that can make a woman feel as feminine and fabulous as a skirt can. You start feeling pretty the moment you put on a skirt, it's that powerful! :)

The other reason I love skirts is because I associate them with spring & summer. And the moment I think of spring, visions of flowers in full bloom all around and a pleasant breeze start flashing in my head. I quite dislike wearing jeans during the summer, so a skirt works just fine :)

I mostly wear knee-length skirts.....sometimes with stilletos for a dressed up look but mostly with flip flops or any other kind of flats for a casual look. I have the most trouble with skirts that end midway down your calves. I just don't know what kind of shoes to wear with them! Flats.....Heels.....Wedges? Nothing looks good on them.

My favorite though are really short skirts that one can wear with knee-length boots. They can kill ;)

I remember as a kid I used to feel really shy wearing trousers! Or jeans for that matter. For what joy, I do not know. But I used to howl....I used to howl my lungs & eyes out the moment I saw my mom laying a pair of trousers on the bed before taking me in for a bath. I was such a dumb child.....I'd never run around the house and give my mom hell. I'd just stand there like a stupid child & cry!

I used to play mainly with boys so I don't know why I was so shy of wearing trousers. I just felt so awkward in them. I would only wear skirts & frocks.....spaghetti, tube, halter, the works! And I'd make my mom get these really lovely gowns stitched for me on my birthday every year, that I'd wear for my birthday party. I had quite a few of them accumulated across the years.....don't know where they are now!

Point is.....I used to be really girly when I was a kid. Traces of it still remain.....I love dressing up every once in a while, love wearing heels, love to wear earrings, love wearing skirts, love pink! But for the most part I dress conveniently which includes jeans, capris, shorts and the like.


Moonshine said...

Is this girly post thing a phase you think? I put another one girly post!!!! :)

Spring and skirts do go hand in hand.. totally!!!!

Scarlett said...

Girly posts rock!!