Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Charmed Life

My office overlooks the American Consulate. The diplomats & staff stay within the premises. Every morning, without exception, you can see their kids playing in the well-manicured, lush green garden of the embassy.

I envy them!! They play in bright sunshine all morning while I sit in front of a computer screen in an artificially controlled environment, doing work that wouldn’t have mattered to the dolphins of sub-Saharan Africa (if they existed) & being delusional about the relevance of my work!

Don’t these kids have school???

Watching them play makes me want to go down & start playing...anything! The garden with the bright sunshine is so inviting!

Remember playing ‘It’ as a kid? The game where you chase people & when you manage to get hold of someone, they become ‘It’? No one wanted to be ‘It’ b/c it would get so difficult to chase people!

Or hopscotch!

Or badminton!

Or Hide & Seek!

Remember how earnestly we used to hide behind furniture...under the bed... inside the closet...behind doors...in dark corners? And the excitement when the 'Seeker' came towards us...how fervently we used to pray that he/she is not able to find us!

Life as a kid was so much fun. All we were expected to do was go to school, come back home, sleep, play, study, have dinner & go to bed again! There were no bills/EMIs/rent to pay...there was no reason to worry about our future or where we want to see ourselves five years down the line...no deadlines to meet...no appraisals to worry about...no commitments or obligations...we did not have to worry about managing our finances...we did not have to take any life-altering decisions...Yet we cribbed so much about school & having to study after school? :)

Life was blissful then! Don't you wish we never had to grow up?

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Moonshine said...

As a kid I was just waiting to grow up!!! Wish i had utilised my time better then.. played more.. learnt something...