Thursday, February 5, 2009

Culinary Invasion by 'The Man' :)

When I spoke to my mom today, my dad was cooking dinner!

That doesn't happen too often. My dad isn't one of those Indian men we see in advertisements who love to cook for their family, apron & a chef hat in place! For that matter, even my mom doesn't like to cook. Both my parents are BRILLIANT though "special occasion cooks" would cook only if there was a special occasion in the family, during festivals or if we wanted her to make something special, and dad would cook only if he was feeling really "culinary" (if there IS such a feeling :)

Mom used to enjoy cooking strictly calorific & fattening dishes such as paneer, malai kofta, alu dum etc. and was really good with them, which explains why she didn't cook very frequently. She never liked to cook (or eat) greens, so we always had a cook for everyday meals :)

On the other hand, there were some dishes that were designated to dad. In that if we were going to have them for dinner, dad would be the one cooking them. Chicken chilly, mutton, fish, pork, keema, kebabs, tandoori etc. were completely his domain...and we used to lap up his cooking!

Today when I called he was making chicken keema, which might sound like sacrilege to mutton lovers but trust me, IT IS AWESOME if made well.

Which brings me to the point - who do you think make better or women?

The best way to find this out would be to get Nigella Lawson & Jamie Olivier/Gordon Ramsay (who according to Paris Hilton doubles up as the Prime Minister of Britain!) to cook the same dish, wouldn't it?


Moonshine said...

Men are good cooks coz they cook only once in a while.. women tend to cook more often.. and men are good at certain dishes.. and hopeless at others!!

My husband cooks an amazing egg curry and a fabulous mutton curry.. he takes about 4 hrs at least to cook either of these 2 dishes!! No wonder its good!!!! :)

Scarlett said...

LOL! Never knew egg curry can take 4 hrs to cook! Dad takes about 2 to make mutton :)