Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's A Sony


My phone is brand new. And expensive. Bought it in October 2008. Just one week after buying the phone, I had to give it for repair as there was some problem with the battery. Imagine! I fought and fought and fought with them to replace the battery but they wouldn’t. So I gave it to them for repair & they kept it for two weeks. Two bloody long weeks!!

They suck! Sony Ericsson sucks!!

And now again my phone is acting psychotic. The screen goes dark randomly, sometimes it doesn’t ring even when someone calls/messages & sometimes it refuses to play music. And a little while ago I dropped it - on to a carpeted floor - and the screen conked off! I just cannot use my phone!! So I will have to give it for repair again and God knows how long they will keep it for.

I'm still at work & my darling Motorazr is at home, and so I'm without a phone :(

And GOD, it's difficult!!

People, next time you buy a phone, buy a Nokia or a Motorola (though I heard Moto is wrapping up their business in India or something of the sort. Confirmations anyone??)

So yeah, basically I HAD to blast the sucky piece of shit company called Sony Ericsson on a public forum. I hope they all die and go to cell phone hell where they have to eat & crap big fat cell phones day in & day out :D

I feel better now.


Psyched said...

i kinda liked the concept of they going to cell phone H(e)aven...

and then getting to eat fat cellphones as a punishment...


The knife said...

I had a fat sony ericcson bought in the grey market - P90 I think. Served me well though the outer keyboard stopped working and I had dropped it many times

Scarlett said...

@Psyched - They're an evil company & they deserve nothing better. It was cell phone 'hell' btw, not heaven :)

@The Knife - I think Nokia or Moto is the way to go!!

Ashwin said...

Sony phones are awesome. It's their after sales service that sucks ass. I've had three sony phones in the past and they've all served me well... mostly.

Their cameras are the best. And music too. You've probably just had bad luck.

Motorola phones I've heard are really bad.

Sony also seems to be shutting shop I hear.

Scarlett said...

@Ashwin - OK fine. Sony Ericsson cameras ARE good & sound quality is too. Motorola cameras are bad but the phone is pretty fun to use. And maybe it's bad luck I got a bad phone this time. But STILL...Sony Ericsson sold me a shitty phone & I WILL TRASH THEM.