Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have You Mailed a Pink Chaddi?

What could be the most horrifying gift a man - an orthodox, regressive middle-aged man – can get on Valentine’s Day?

A box of used or cheap pink chaddis for sure!!!

Yes, they can be dug out of your closet as well :)

The Pink Chaddi Movement has spread like wildfire. And rightly so. A man who does something as heinous & abominable as getting a bunch of women beaten up for pubbing, and does nothing to stop the millions of men who visit prostitutes & the covert dance bars of Mumbai & other small towns, deserves to be treated no better.

Apparently, Pramod Muthalik has retorted to the Pink Chaddi campaign by saying that he will send Pink Sarees as a return gift to the 'Consortium of Pub-Going, Loose & Forward Women' who are the originators of the Pink Chaddi movement. He has also said that any unmarried couple that will be seen hanging out on Valentine’s Day will be forced to marry!!!!!

While he is works over-time spewing venom, what does our government do? (Ostensibly) arrest the man, let him out on bail & watch him do more goondagardi. Publicity-hungry hooligans who have no respect for the law are ruling our country and our impotent Goverment is watching the country burn with folded hands from the sidelines.

I really strongly believe that any man who oppresses women or tortures them in any way what so ever should be castrated & left to live out his life in s**ual frustration. No punishment could be worse.


The knife said...

used, stained, unwashed

Scarlett said...


Staarin said...

I think what supporters of The Pink Chaddi campaign are defending is not an “urban lifestyle” that is a “desi imitation of Sex And The City,” but the right to choose our own lifestyle—any lifestyle.

There are too many of us who support freedom only if they approve of what is done with that freedom. So when Ghose says that “the lifestyle norms we choose ... must be attuned to our surroundings,” I wonder at her choice of language. “Must be attuned to our surroundings?” Why?

I think the gesture of sending pink chaddis was a far more effective one than sending bangles or chappals or suchlike. It grabbed attention. And the support it got virally sent an unambiguous message.

“We will not let you terrorise us,” that message said. “Here, have a chaddi.”